A Case Study

Crafting a modern auto dealer experiencee.

Your Dealer Experience

Branding, User Interface, Graphic Design, Web Development

Project Abstract

Your Dealer Experience is a new and innovative digital platform connecting customers to automotive dealers and their suite of finance office products.

The Challenge

eTecc was retained to develop a brand new responsive website and e-commerce platform. The client had no existing website presence and only a recently established identity.

The Product

Have a look at the project today:

Your Dealer Experience
Color System
  • Pure White
    255 255 255

  • Charcoal
    025 025 029

  • Cobalt Blue
    000 014 188



Roboto Font


Oswald Font

YDE is a powerful application that serves as the dashboard to a suite of digital experiences including web, mobile and print. The web application extends a private label experience of products all thoughtfully managed in our custom interface.


We crafted original graphics to serve as companion pieces for the application's primary functions. Custom illustrations are present throughout the website experience, ushing users of Your Dealer Experience through the process of building their private lable products.


Just make it

We determined the right fit for our users, and then set out to make a system that was flexible and simple. Defining exactly how to execute the project required multiple flows and plenty of planning. Keeping it easy was on our mind the entire time.

Plan, sketch & Repeat

YDE - desktop
YDE - Tablet

An all-in-one
dealer solution

From mobile to tablet to desktop - YDE travels effortlessly with our users. The web application needed to maintain full functionality regardless of the device or platform.


Building the solution

Selecting the
right tools

Selecting the right tools for the job is important for any project however, even more so when that product actually autonomously produces products used by automotive dealerships all over the nation. In the end we relied on our strong understanding of the PHP back-end framework Laravel for handling Web and API requests. Vue.js and even Angular JS were used as well in different aspects of the project. This distributed tool most importantly benefited from CDN capable cloud storage of all assets. Combined, this means a robust, scalable, and maintainable product that continues to grow.

Laravel VueJs Webpack Sass