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Real Time Threat Mitigation Suite.

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Branding, User Interface, Web Development, iOS Development, Wordpress Plugin

Project Abstract

BruteBank is an interactive firewall plugin that allows server administrators and WordPress owners to receive threat notifications via a mobile app. Invite members to your team to assist managing the cyber security of your server or WordPress properties.

The Challenge

BruteBank was a perfect marriage of all of our disciplines as a design and development studio. We crafted BruteBank from the ground up. From concept to execution, we handled every aspect of the product.

The Product

Find BruteBank live on the web today:

Color System
  • Crayola Yellow
    252 190 100

  • Cyber Pink
    035 031 032

  • White
    250 250 250



Avenir Font

Avenir Black

Avenir Black Font

Identity Design

BruteBank's identity was born out of nostalgia for the bygone era of 8-bit computer games. Inspired by Atari 2600 box graphics and the blocky pixel designs of yesteryear computing, BruteBank features an abbreviated double lowercase "b" design. Rotated and positioned on its axis like a Space Invader alien, the BruteBank mark creates a bold and sentimental statement. The logo type is a strong and friendly lowercase font which pairs either horizontally or vertically below the mark.

Color Theory

As a security product, we wanted BruteBank to evoke a sense of digital alert. We decided on a warm palette of Crayola Yellow and Cyber Pink. The transition of these two colors across the gradient represents the urgency of the product without conveying an overbearing sense of warning for the viewer.


server attacks on your phone

The BruteBank app suite spans from servers, WordPress websites, API’s, and a mobile app. To execute the BruteBank vision we had to find solutions to aggregate a lot of data. Then streamline that data to ensure it was easily digestible by the end user. This real time attack information is funneled to a distributed cloud infrastructure that supports reverse IP address geolocation and push notifications.

Custom solution development of network security parsers and the mobile app was the highlight of this product delivery.


The BruteBank WordPress plugin monitors invalid login attempts to username and password logins as well as password protected pages.

It then reports those attacks in real time to the cloud for processing and fingerprinting allowing the user to block or dismiss attempts at any time.

BruteBank WordPress and More
BruteBank Software
BruteBank iOS app
BruteBank iOS BruteBank iOS BruteBank iOS

Selecting the
right tools

Building a world class experience across several platforms takes an impressive toolset. That's why we chose Laravel to empower the backend API and the Wordpress® plugin framework to capture real time data. For the iOS portion Swift was the go to language to ensure a native feel and hardware level performance. Pusher Beams are used to leverage push notification threat information and Maxmind for reverse geolocation of IP address information.

Swift Laravel Pusher - Beams Maxmind