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Dash Mobile Apps

Branding, User Interface, Graphic Design, Web Development

Project Abstract

Dash - a vehicle appearance protection service tool formatted for a mobile audience, leveraging camera scanning, push notifications, in-app messaging, on-the-fly technician assignment and approve, GPS device hardware capabilities, and much more.

The Challenge

Dash needed a mobile application suite that allowed vehicle owners, fleet managers, insurance holders, and technicians the ability to file, track & schedule, estimate, and finalize claims on their appearance protection plans from anywhere in the nation in a multilingual environment.

The Product

The Dash mobile application suite is a private white labeled ecosystem distributed through partner companies & insurance providers.

Dash Mobile
Color System
  • Peony Pink
    237 017 099

  • Coal
    035 031 032

  • Pure White
    255 255 255


Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Font


Avenir Font

eTecc / Interactive began with an updated logo for the Dash identity system. We opted for a bolder combination of charcoal and peony and made new type selections to give the Dash identity a more powerful and dominant visual weight. Our design team delivered an identity manual and use guidelines to accompany the rebrand and modernize the company standards.


We believe the only thing better than a good brand strategy is a well-maintained one. eTecc produced a set of identity guidelines for the governance of the Dash colors, type, format and logos.


to wireframes

After discovery, we crafted lo-fidelity wireframe sketches to isolate the required components of the product. Sketching drafts let us rapidly define which elements worked and which required further refinement. User testing allowed us to receive valuable feedback to produce a winning solution.



eTecc crafted a custom library of icons for the Dash mobile application. Our tailor-made glyphs represent the unique categories and actions available to both the users and insurance technicians. We included micro interactions and animations for subtle indications about system statuses and UI view loading states.

Android Claims
Android Damage Selection


Custom micro interactions and an original iconography library made extending the brand to iOS, watchOS, and Android seamless.


Building an App Suite

Crafting an awesome app wasn't enough for this project. The experience needed to exist on a multitude of devices and platforms including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones & tablets.

Inspired by our user research & profiling, wire framing, and engaged user testing we built a seamless workflow from begging to end. This translated into a solution that continues to empower thousands of users every month and has created the most well known vehicle appearance protection service tool in the industry today.

iOS Android Paint Code