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Invitations made easy for iMessage.

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Branding, User Interface, iOS

Project Abstract

Goodvite is a mobile application built for Apple iMessage that allows users to send and receive invitations - no need to register, signup for an account or pay.

The Challenge

eTecc / Interactive built a custom mobile application for iMessage. We knew the true challenge was going to be serving users who hadn't downloaded the app, but had received an invitation. So eTecc also crafted a web API to deliver invitations to users without the app.

The Product

Visit the goodvite to learn more/download for iOS:

Color System
  • Curious Blue
    33 143 228

  • Astronaut
    41 58 113

  • French Rose
    238 71 113



Poppins Font

SF Display

SF Display


We believe receiving invitations should be fun and we believe they should make you smile. To that end, we designed Goodvite to be friendly by crafting delightful illustrations and bold colors.

eTecc used design to indicate the user experience of Goodvite. Iconography indicates how users download, select an event date and craft a message. Invitation distribution among your guests and recipient confirmation/RSVPs are visualized graphically to walk new users through the application flows.


You're Invited

We selected the ubiquitous envelope icon to represent the Goodvite identity. A subtle reference to the iMessage™ chat bubble in our design further indicates the mobile texting nature of the product. Blue tones embolden the design while communicating a sense of calm and stability.


Goodvite is designed to uniquely accommodate both the message bubble and application drawer within iMessage. This was a unique challenge when crafting the interface and maintaining a simple and delightful user experience. We leveraged Sketch™ to rapidly iterate through a number of layout concepts before finalizing a design.

The Development

Goodvite needed to work for both users with the application installed and for those who do not. It needed a robust and scalable API to power invite functionality across the app and on the web - allowing receipts of a Goodvite to RSVP without downloading the app.

Goodvite for iMessage
Goodvite for iMessage
Goodvite for iMessage

How the product
is built

eTecc leveraged Laravel™ to craft our web API, whipped up custom graphics and illustrations in Sketch™ and coded it all up using Swift™. See below:

Laravel Swift Alamofire Sketch