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Apartment Guys of Chicago

User Interface, Graphic Design, Web Development, Content Management, Branding

Project Abstract

Apartment Guys of Chicago is a long established boutique apartment broker on Chicago's Northside. The company was in need of a website update, and branding refresh.

The Challenge

eTecc / Interactive created a more modern infastructure for The Apartment Guys of Chicago to list, manage and maintain their apartment inventory.

The Product

Visit The Apartment Guys online today at

Color System
  • Candied Red
    204 34 41

  • Coal
    23 23 23

  • White
    255 255 255



Karida Font


Montserrat Font

Executing The Plan

Apartment Guys of Chicago needed a new site infastructure, and updated brand identity. Following the client prompts, we crafted a simple brand refresh affecting a clean and modern mark. Once the new identity, colors and fonts were established; the second phase of the project was to map and then redefine the Chicago Apartment Guys requirements.

We decided to combine both Nova and Wordpress technologies to provide Apartment Guys of Chicago easy access to managing both the front-end of their website, and a more robust administrative backend for their property inventories.


Using the client's color requests, we produced a clean and simple user interface for the Apartment Guys of Chicago front-end redesign. The website not only provides listings and property details to apartment seekers, but also provides landlords with tools to submit their properties directly into the administration software we produced. Using Laravel Nova, the client admin portal provides a wealth of features and filters to allow for managing properties, neighborhoods, media and more.

We leveraged Nova to rapidly deploy the Apartment Guys of Chicago administration system. This cut development time in half, and allowed us to customize the software to meet our client's needs

Finding Home

Apartment Guys of Chicago
Apartment Guys of Chicago
Apartment Guys of Chicago Web

How we
built it

We used Wordpress™ for the website front-end and powered the custom administration system with Laravel's Nova.

Wordpress Nova