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Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology in SOHO.

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Urban Dermatology

User Interface, Graphic Design, Web Development, Content Management

Project Abstract

Urban Dermatology is a NYC practice run by Elizabeth Goldberg M.D., FAAD. Dr. Goldberg specializes in both medical and cosmetic dermatology services.

The Challenge

Urban Dermatology needed a complete overhaul and modernization of their existing web property to compete in the competitive landscape of professional dermatology in New York.

The Product

Urban Dermatology is available online:

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A Home For Your Skin

Doctor Elizabeth Goldberg offers both cosmetic and medical dermatology services in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood. Urban Dermatology is a patient-centric dermatology practice that believes in personalized and tailored solutions for everyone. We are all exposed to the stresses of daily life --  harried environments, relentless work schedules, a lack of sleep. Our skin reflects those experiences on a cellular level, which means each treatment has to customized to suit specific needs.

Custom Care

Positioning Urban Dermatology as a practice that helps patients with their skin concerns, presenting a range of options and solutions in a thoughtful and informative way.


explained plainly

Medical and cosmetic dermatology procedures can sound daunting. Urban Dermatology needed a way to explain each of their service options clearly. We created a manageable backend that makes adding and removing services easy.


We used WordPress® to rapidly deploy the back-end of Urban Dermatology. Using a combination of our favorite plugins and customizations, we crafted a custom administration for managing and maintaining the website.

From managing business info and providing patient forms to capturing mailing list subscriptions, the Urban Dermatology admin is a single touchpoint for interactive initiatives.

Website Admin
Urban Dermatology Website
Urban Dermatology Website
Urban Dermatology Website

Selecting the
right tools

Urban Dermatology was a return to our web development roots. We maintained a standard deployment of WordPress® and a standards-based front-end UI to craft a responsive and flexible layout. The tried and true use of our front-end tools:

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