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Why go to the School of Hard Knocks if you can work with the Alumni?
-Bill Skeens

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SkeensMcDonell Consulting Group

User Interface, Graphic Design, Web Development, Content Management

Project Abstract

Two former Fortune 100 company executives came together to form SkeensMcDonell. The company assembled a deeply experienced team posied to serve all aspects of their clients' needs.

The Challenge

eTecc / Interactive worked alongside the team at SkeensMcDonell to create them a new web experience that accurately told the company story.

The Product

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Color System
  • Crimson
    137 4 24

  • Coal
    23 23 23

  • White
    255 255 255


Proxima Nova

Proxima Font


Gotham Font

Planning The Site

After our discovery session with SkeensMcDonell we walked away from our meetinhs with the product proposition, feature determinations and finally, the product interactions. These critical steps in defining the product goals allowed us to move into the User Experience Phase. We established user stories to begin the planning of the SkeensMcDonell website. User stories allowed us to define the content & features of the website while shaping the structure of the site based on the user demands.

SkeensMcDonell approached us with an established brand including an existing color system. We worked with SkeensMcDonell's existing assets and crafted them an interface and navigation system that met their product needs.


We worked closely with the client to create an information map and content model for the website that would statisfy the needs of SkeensMcdonell's users. After a number of revisions and adjustments in the planning stage, we arrived at a navigation system and data hierarchy that captures both the existing story and future additions to the website. General content, case studies, biographies and workshops are all effortlessly managed by the SkeensMcdonell team.

We selected WordPress to power the website and provide easy administrative access for the client to manage their content.

Planning Documentation

The Design
& Development

eTecc crafted a clean and open interface for the SkeensMcdonell website. With special attention paid to breadcrumb links and the overall navigation as the guide, the design opts for legibility and focus on the various methods, trainings and workshops that the Skeens consulting team uses in their buisness practice.

SkeensMcDonell Web
SkeensMcDonell Web
SkeensMcDonell Web

How we
built it

SkeensMcDonell is built on the Wordpress™ platform compiled & linted with Grunt and compressed with Sass.

Wordpress Grunt Sass