Compassion and healing

Jessica Harshbarger

Identity design

We recently worked with patient advocator Jessica Harshbarger on the branding and identity design of her consulting business. Jessica describes herself as "a mother of two boys, a business owner, a scout parent coordinator, and a PTA member; whom also happens to be a medical cannabis patient with a rare blood cancer."

Jessica Harshbarger Branding

Passionate about relief

Jessica is a passionate advocate about plant and earth-based healing and medical cannabis. She has been dedicated to consulting and community outreach for patients who need guidance and support. Her new brand reflects Jessica's patient care & wellness mission to bring clarity and sanctioning about CBD and healing.

You can learn more about Jessica's classes and services, and read about her journey to wellness on her website.

Eric Nardo

Eric designs, codes and only occasionally writes (if you've unfortunately read his work, you know why). He also never remembers that he has a twitter account.