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How To Get Your Device UDID

It's Easy

We built a quick service that provides you with the UDID of your iOS Device quickly, easily, and securely. All you need to do is access the page below via your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Where's the Link?

It's built into our Website, tap the button below to get started.


Why We Made It

User testing is a large part of building an iOS App. When the time comes we send clients periodic builds of their app via iTunes Connect or Crashlytics by Fabric.io. The trouble has always been obtaining the "Unique Device Identifier" / UDID of a user's iPhone or iPad, which is required to authorize the app for that device. There wasn't a simple, reliable, and secure way of telling our clients to send us their device UDID. So we wrote a script to do it. And it's free for the world to use. Hey, you're welcome!


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