Node 110

Branding, web design, e-commerce development

→ Building a brand from technology

Case Study

Node 110 is a brand new hosting cloud hosting company. Node 110 focuses on providing a 3-tier system of powerful plans ranging from grid to fully self-managed VPS solutions.

The Challenge

eTecc / Interactive needed to construct the Node 110 brand from the ground up. The proposal included full identity development, responsive website design and an e-commerce solution.

The Product

Visit the Node 110 website today and check out the work / eTecc Interactive completed:

Building The Brand

Once the mark was defined, the direction was clear: Node 110 is clean, prevailing, digital and bold. An abstract reference to inter-connected components became the principle inspiration for the entire brand story. Once discovered, we knew this would inform the visual direction of the entire project.

The Mark

We spent time exploring ways to communicate the the modern aspect of the Node 110 brand. After a number of concepts were drafted and considered, the final identity design was clearly revealed.

Extending The Brand

We wanted Node 110 to have total ownership over their identity. The final mark gave us the opportunity to craft copy and illustrations that support the message of a "purpose built" company that prides itself on technology and modern server configurations.

A Visual Library

eTecc didn’t want to default to an exisiting commercially available icon set to support the visual design of the Node 110 website. We used the logo as the inspiration for a set of custom icons that communicate not only the tenets of Node 110’s products, but also help narrate the range of services to users. The use of a custom icon library gave us total control over what metaphors were necessary to illustrate for visitors.

Mapping The Site

We began the wire framing process once the need finding phase was completed. eTecc mapped and designed the website for rapid prototyping. The Node 110 site was then submitted and tested for client review. Having a fully interactive prototype helped our team identify gaps in the information architecture and supplied us with the necessary feedback to plan the final page flows.


eTecc leverages a couple of different prototyping platforms to craft our web and responsive design. We regularly produce in both Marvel™ and Invision™ to rapidly test, gather and disseminate user and client feedback.

Design & Development

eTecc created a bold interface to match the Node 110 identity. We worked to marry technological imagery with the brand’s modern color story and produced a confident UI that communicates the features and multiple options of the Node 110 services.


We used our favorite framework Laravel™ to craft a fully functional site with user admin and account features, e-commerce payment processing (with Brain Tree) and a complex support and ticketing system for customer service.


eTecc didn’t just create a responsive website design and identity for Node 110, we also designed a hosting plan selector to help customers arrive at what plan or package best suits their needs, and increased conversions by removing the friction from the sometimes overwhelming task of selection a hosting package.