iOS development, Identity Design

→ Appearance claims at your fingertips

Case Study

Dash - a vehicle appearance protection insurance tool formatted for a mobile audience, leveraging camera scanning and GPS device hardware capabilities.

The Challenge

Dash needed a mobile application that allowed insurance holders and technicians the ability to file, track and schedule claims on their appearance protection plans.

The Product

The Dash mobile application is a private white labeled ecosystem distributed through partner companies & insurance providers.

The Design

eTecc / Interactive began with an updated logo for the Dash identity system. We shifted away from the existing slate and red tones, opting for a bolder combination of charcoal and peony. New type selections and a fresh color combination gave the identity a more powerful and dominant visual weight. Our design team delivered an identity manual and use guidelines to accompany the rebrand and modernize the company standards.

The Mark

Our updated mark consists of concentric circles and applied negative space to communicate a more contemporary speedometer concept.


We began with wireframes to begin designing our interface concepts after processing our initial discovery notes. Working from hand drawn sketches allowed our team to isolate how the content would exist in each UI view, without sacrificing any precious software design time. Design worked through a number of concepts, refining and paring down elements until we reached the most succinct presentation of data. Sketched wires allowed eTecc room to concept micro interactions and identify custom iconography.


Once the design team established suitable wireframe artifacts, we moved into the prototype phase. A clickable model was tested on Invision® to validate the entire application UI.


eTecc crafted a custom library of icons for the Dash mobile application. Our tailor-made glyphs represent the unique categories and actions available to both the users and insurance technicians. We included micro interactions and animations for subtle indications about system statuses and UI view loading states.