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Let's Talk About Surprise and Delight

Posted to: User Experience, Design | Posted on: 02/15/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

In the realm of design, the term "Surprise and Delight" has become rather exhausted. A few years ago, the notion of adding surprise and delight to websites and applications shot through the design community like a rocket. It seemed everywhere you'd turn there was a UI engineer or User Experience Designer espousing the virtues of this product design tactic.

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Advice to designers: Learn a design vocabulary

Posted to: Design | Posted on: 01/26/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

Whenever I’m asked by young designer if I have any career advice, I always answer with the the following: learn a design vocabulary. By that I mean, learn how to properly communicate your work. Despite what you may have been told by welling meaning professors and instructors in college, “Show don’t tell” won't cut it in the business world.

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UX is the new black

Posted to: User Experience | Posted on: 01/05/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

The term User Experience or UX, as the acronym is commonly known, has become synonymous with interface design. UX is now the new black and I’ve seen countless interface designers self-brand themselves as “User Experience Designers."

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Xzilon iPad Application

Posted to: Design, iOS Development, Agency Work | Posted on: 11/18/16 | Posted by: Derek Meiresonne

Auto Industry Sales Engagement: eTecc / Interactive crafted a high performance appearance protection sales tool. Turning plain feature matrixes into an interactive experience is precisely what we accomplished for Xzilon in this informative iPad app.

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Glazed & Infused Website

Posted to: Design, Web Development, Agency Work | Posted on: 07/13/15 | Posted by: Derek Meiresonne

Glazed and infused creates handcrafted artisan doughnuts in Chicago. They needed a website that inspired their visitors, accepted orders for pickup or delivery and integrated with their partners to fulfill orders.

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