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Strategic Apps Brand Update

Posted to: Design, Web Development, Agency Work | Posted on: 08/16/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

eTecc Interactive recently completed a brand refresh for Strategic Apps LLC. Our work included a new identity design, updated print collateral and a new website presence. Have a look at some of the project components.

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Essential Xcode Tools For Rapid iOS Development

Posted to: iOS Development | Posted on: 07/13/17 | Posted by: Derek Meiresonne

Building iPhone and iPad apps can be a daunting task. With the lack of a modern MVC structure or Bootstrap style template to get up and running quickly, even small projects can seem to take forever. This is our go-to list for speeding up the process.

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A Case Against Free Examination

Posted to: User Experience, Design, User Testing | Posted on: 06/22/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

Free examination happens when a users reviewing your product or design are asked to give open-ended feedback without instruction. As a designer, you've most certainly asked users to freely examine your work (I'm guilty of it myself). 

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Mosquito Hunters

Posted to: Design, Web Development, Agency Work | Posted on: 06/21/17 | Posted by: Derek Meiresonne

Mosquito Hunters provides environmentally-friendly mosquito prevention services. The company, not short on personality, wanted a bold design that reflected their ethos and attitude. We produced a handcrafted website that communicates their mission and brand while maintaining their whimsical appeal.

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Let's Talk About Surprise and Delight

Posted to: User Experience, Design | Posted on: 02/15/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

In the realm of design, the term "Surprise and Delight" has become rather exhausted. A few years ago, the notion of adding surprise and delight to websites and applications shot through the design community like a rocket. It seemed everywhere you'd turn there was a UI engineer or User Experience Designer espousing the virtues of this product design tactic.

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