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Designing a solution for direct mail providers

Posted to: Design, Web Development | Posted on: 12/17/18 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

An illustrative website solution for one of our longtime clients that provides direct mail services to realtors across the nation.

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Custom logo design case study

Posted to: Identity , Agency Work, Design | Posted on: 03/31/18 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

When we embark on an identity project, we always consider two primary components of the design: The logotype and the mark.

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Riverdale UI

Posted to: Design, Web Development, Agency Work | Posted on: 10/13/17 | Posted by: Eric Nardo

Concepting a new User Interface for the village of Riverdale Illinois

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How to get your iPhone or iPad's UDID

Posted to: iOS Development | Posted on: 09/15/17 | Posted by: Derek Meiresonne

There wasn't a reliable or secure way of telling our clients to send us their device UDID. So we wrote a quick script for doing it quickly and easily and it's built right into our Website.

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Dealing with Apple App Store Rejections & App Removals

Posted to: iOS Development, Agency Work | Posted on: 09/06/17 | Posted by: Derek Meiresonne

What we've learned working with clients and the Apple App Store review board during this time of increased iOS App scrutiny.

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